Bill bowling, action shot! Don't worry, that ventilator on the back of his chair has great batteries!

Photo by Jackie Johnson 08-29-2003. 

Incidentally, the photos in this gallery show how we used to bowl. Since the IKAN Bowler® is now sanctioned for league play -- any bowling league, anywhere in the U.S. -- we can no longer cross the foul line with the end of our Bowlers (previously we kept our wheels behind the line, which is akin to an able-bodied bowler keeping their feet behind the foul line). Also, we used to bowl with the end of our bowling "ramps" elevated, so we would finish with our "bowling arm" in the air, over the lane, much like able-bodied bowlers. We modified the design so that we have a caster supporting the end of the IKAN Bowler® when the ball comes down (the IKAN unit is properly adjusted when this caster is about 1/4th of an inch off the bowling surface, with the ball atop the unit, in its starting position). The force of a 16-lb ball coming down the patented parabolic-shaped arm, is much more significant than many people might imagine. With the caster, we translate that energy into maximum ball speed and minimum force to the connected wheelchair. If you're still reading this explanation, please go back to the photo gallery now! :-) 

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