- How Stella Got Her Groove Back -

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

- By Bill Miller -

How Stella Got Her Groove Back is an enjoyable romantic-dramedy in which an overworked single-mom regains her suppressed romantic passion.  A hilarious-to-serious rollercoaster, this rated R feature does it all, including raising some interesting moral questions.  From the creators of Waiting to Exhale, Stella serves as somewhat of a sequel to the 1995 success and is designed to please the same audience.  However, real world issues, language, and behavior may offend some moviegoers.

Boundless ambition drives Stella Payne (Angela Bassett) to be a highly successful stockbroker, loving mother, and dedicated fitness buff.  Limited to 24-hours each day, Stella forgoes relaxation opportunities and potential romances in favor of more constructive, productive endeavors.  However, with her son visiting his father out-of-state, Stella becomes momentarily entranced by a Jamaican vacation commercial in which she envisions herself in the appealing advertisement.  Before her rational side can reject the idea, she and her best friend, Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg), are on their way…

Before you can say "Welcome to Jamaica, Mon," 40-year old Stella meets mature, 20-year old Winston Shakespeare (Taye Diggs making his onscreen debut).  Stella initially denies the young man's flirtatious charm, acknowledging and respecting the drastic age difference.  Questioning the appropriateness of intergenerational love and suffering the scrutiny of society, she realizes the problems associated with the possible relationship. 

Attracted to his glorious smile, sculpted body, educated mind, and winning personality… Stella rethinks her passion-free policy.  Will Winston's persistence prevail?  Does love conquer all?  Exactly how does Stella get her groove back? 

Three and a half stars.

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