UF's WCBA 2006 Dean's Report


I was featured in the 2006 Dean's Report for the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business Administration.  If you click the below link, you should be able to download the whole report (it's a 2MB PDF file) and see the article on pages 11-12.  You may need to download a free Adobe Reader program (click here). If you do read it... I do NOT have a shoe fetish (humorous misunderstanding between the reporter/author and me; she noticed my nice, clean "new looking" shoes, and I jokingly said, "I try to coordinate my shoes with what I wear" -- she didn't know that aside from tux shoes, I basically have just two pairs of shoes, a white & blue pair and a black & gray pair, that I try to match with what I'm wearing -- and they both are multiple years old!  :-)  And given my current situation, no, I don't need more!  :-)

Here's the link (see pages 11-12): UF's WCBA 2006 Dean's Report


[UPDATE 9/10/2008]  I bought some spiffy new dress shoes for graduation, which you can see in my slideshow of pictures HERE!

[UPDATE 12/15/2009]  For those of you who may have been worried, I now own FIVE pairs of shoes.
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