That's my friend John (we called him Opie) and me on June 13th, 1997, the night the Chicago Bulls won their 5th Championship.  On the board it says "protest."  We had a "loser shaves his head" bet on whether the Bulls would win the game (and thus the series) that night (of course they were going to win the Championship, but would it be in game 6 or 7) and I won the bet.  So we got the clipper's and gave John a short buzz cut.  Even though I won (I had the Bulls - BIG FAN - our family is from the Chicago area) I liked the hair style and followed suit.  I think he was protesting because I was going to do it anyway -- and thus I wasn't risking anything:).  Of course it wasn't risky, I had Michael Jordan on my side!

Oh yeah, I put this picture up to show people what I looked like before my accident.  Actually, that was taken more than two months before my accident, and I worked out hard all summer and was in better shape than above.  Atrophy stinks.

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